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Communities in Chambers County, Alabama

Chambers County is home to multiple communities that make up a thriving economy that also gives off a “home” feel that the South is known for. Read about our communities below to get a sense of what it’s like to feel at home in Chambers County.


The City of Valley, which is Chambers County’s largest city by population, is a mixture of new and old. The city was formed in 1980 by incorporating four old, historic textile mill villages: Fairfax, Langdale, Riverview, and Shawmut. These villages were created long ago to house employees of southern textile mills which were located in the center of each village’s life. With the decline of the American textile industry, the City of Valley had to reinvent itself. What was once the hub of textile manufacturing is now Chambers County’s center for commerce. Thanks to progressive and bold leadership, the city has become a pleasant, modern bedroom community with easy access to jobs, recreation, culture, and nature.


Lanett was originally the town of Bluffton, incorporated on December 7, 1865, when it received its charter from the Alabama Legislature. A new charter was sought from the state 28 years later. By then, Bluffton had grown, and citizens of the town deemed fit to change its name. The City of Lanett was founded on February 1, 1895, when a charter for the newly formed City of Lanett was approved. Lanett is bordered on the east by the city of West Point, Georgia and the Chattahoochee River and to the south by the city of Valley, Alabama. At one location on the east side of town, two states, two cities, and three counties come together. With a proud history and bright future, Lanett, known as the “Gateway to Alabama,” is a city on the move.


The City of LaFayette was founded as the town of Chambersville in 1834. The name was eventually changed to LaFayette, and it has remained the County Seat of Chambers County throughout its existence. The historic Chambers County Courthouse, constructed in 1899, is the centerpiece of this historic community. The city takes pride in being the birthplace and childhood home of professional boxing’s longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Louis. A bronze statue of the LaFayette native is located in downtown outside of the historic courthouse. LaFayette has a long reputation as a great place to live and raise a family, with small town charm, but close to large metropolitan areas to serve all the needs of residents.