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About Chambers County Development Authority

The Chambers County Development Authority (CCDA) actively recruits industrial, commercial and retail opportunities for Chambers County. We strive every day to improve the quality of life through retaining and adding new, quality jobs, providing leadership, and encouraging economic and community development in all of Chambers County.

The organization was incorporated as the Industrial Development Board of Chambers County in 1979 to recruit and retain industrial clients for Chambers County, Alabama. In 1995, the Board of Directors re-incorporated the organization to form the Industrial Development Authority of Chambers County. Due to enabling legislation passed by the Alabama Legislature in 2001, the organization became a council and was formally known as the Industrial Development Authority of Chambers County, by which name it had been previously operating. With the new charge of retail and commercial recruitment added to the mission of the IDA, the name officially changed to The Chambers County Development Authority in 2009.

A Board of Directors made up of 14 members governs the CCDA. Each Chambers County Commissioner appoints a member, along with a member appointed by the cities of LaFayette, Lanett and Valley and the towns of Cusseta, Five Points and Waverly. The legislative delegation also appoints two members at large. Board members serve six-year terms.